Sunday, March 4, 2012

El cumpleaños de una Apffelbaum: Agnes en Mendoza

Happy Birthday Agnes!!!!

You’re always very special And you should know today That you are wished the nicest things That life can bring your way

Like warm and loving wishes
And happiness and cheer And everything you need to start Another happy year..

Nuestra prima Agnes se queda a vivir en Mendoza. Soy la persona mas feliz del mundo :))

Love you Agnes :)


Fotos sacadas por Agnes,

Marzo 2012

Foto sacada por mi hermano Alan Abraham

Mi prima, la Bella Agnes

, Arboles

- Lua Meiga - From Galicia Spain - Musicians: Rial, Blanco, Nigro, Apffelbaum

Greek Music:

Children of the Revolution - Ragizi Apopse

Celtic Music, from Galicia, Spain:

Luar na Lubre
- A frol d'augoa

Irish Music:

- Mallaí Chroch Shlí

Rock Music:

Porno for Pyros
- 100 WAYS

Jewish Music:

Ofra Haza
- Rachamim

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